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2024 Architectural Practice Examination (APE) Calendar  

APE details and the calendar for Session 1 and Session 2 can be found on Architectural Practice Examination.

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Why use an Architect?

Adelaide Studios, Grieve Gillett Andersen. Photography by Peter Barnes.

An Architect is a registered individual that has attained the necessary architectural qualifications (5-year Master of Architecture or equivalent) and has completed the national examination. All architects are regulated by the Architectural Practice Board of SA and must follow the Architects’ Code of Conduct. They must also maintain professional indemnity insurance to ensure they are covered for claims of negligence or other civil claims.

Every architect must also be proficient in all elements of the National Standards of Competency for Architects (NSCA). Registered architects must undertake and report their Continuing Professional Development activities each year.

Members of the community are entitled to have services provided at a professional level by a registered architect or architectural business. Registration ensures the public interest is protected and that architects are accountable for both their conduct and competency.

For more information see About an Architect


Petaluma Cellar Door, Grieve Gillett Andersen. Photography by David Sievers. Read more

The Architectural Practice Board of South Australia (APBSA) is a statutory authority. Its role is to administer the Architectural Practice Act 2009.

On this website, information can be found on how to:

  • register as an architect
  • search the SA Register of Architects and Architectural Businesses
  • what it means to be an architect, and
  • how to become an architect.
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