Who is an Architect

The use of the title 'architect' is protected by law.  Only people or businesses registered with the Architectural Practice Board of SA may use the title, or derivatives of the title.  A person or business must have satisfied the Board that they have met the requirements of the Architectural Practice Act 2009, (including academic and practical experience), before being registered by the Board.

A person or company not on the SA Register is not an architect or architectural business.  Persons or companies that are using the terms 'architect' or 'architectural services', or similar derivatives, but are not registered, may be in breach of the Architectural Practice Act 2009.  A prosecution can be launched against the person or company for 'holding out' to be an architect.

If you have a query about a person or business, you can search the Register of Architects to find out if they are registered; or you may prefer to contact the Office to discuss your query.