Architects' Code of Conduct

The Architects' Code of Conduct was approved in 2012.  A breach of the Code by a registered person or business may be considered unprofessional conduct.  The Code sets out the standards of professional conduct and practice expected of registered architects and architectural businesses. 

The Code of Conduct details 12 Standards architects are expected to meet:

Standard 1 - Be honest and act with integrity

Standard 2 - Be Competent

Standard 3 - Promote services honestly and responsibly

Standard 4 - Manage business competently

Standard 5 - Consider the wider impact of work

Standard 6 - Carry out work faithfully and conscientiously

Standard 7 - Be trustworthy and look after clients' money properly

Standard 8 - Have appropriate insurance arrangements

Standard 9 - Maintain the reputation of the architecture profession

Standard 10 - Deal with disputes or complaints appropriately

Standard 11 - Co-operate with regulatory requirements and investigations

Standard 12 - Have respect for others