Why Register?

An architect is a skilled, professional person who is registered under a relevant Act.  Obtaining registration is the final step to pursuing a career in architecture.  Career pathways are diverse, interesting, challenging, and satisfying. An architect registered in Australia can draw on their registration to work overseas, and to work within a range of related industries and organisations in Australia.

Registration gives clients and the general community an assurance that the architect will act professionally, ethically, and comply with all relevant laws and codes, including the Architects' Code of Conduct.  Clients can also be satisfied that the person has the required skills, knowledge and competencies to provide architectural services, in a professional manner.

Registration requires all architects to maintain professional indemnity insurance.  It also enables a person to call themselves an architect, and to describe their services as architectural services.

Architects are regulated by the Architectural Practice Board of SA, and similar Boards in other jurisdictions in Australia and New Zealand.