Architectural Practice Examination

The Architectural Practice Examination is a national exam, conducted twice each year in all states and territories.   To be eligible to apply to sit the Architectural Practice Examination, candidates must have a recognised qualification.  This can be either

  1. an approved Australian qualification, or
  2. an Overseas Qualification (OQA) assessed as equivalent to an Australian approved qualification (as assessed by AACA), or
  3. successfully completed a National Program of Assessment (NPRA) by the AACA.

There are 3 parts to the Examination:

  1. Logbook Assessment - logbooks must demonstrate 3300 hours work in the competencies for architects and must include a written Statement of Experience - A checklist for Part 1 is available here
  2. Written examination - a national multiple choice question paper held on-line
  3. Oral examination - with 2 examiners for up to 1 hour

The Architectural Practice Examination is conducted twice each year.  A Briefing for candidates is held before the commencement of each Session.  The first session of the year generally commences in January.  The second session commences in July of each year.  

The Timetable and Fees for the Architectural Practice Exam are listed here.

PART 3 CANDIDATES - IMPORTANT INFORMATION.  Please note that if you are re-sitting Part 3, or have deferred Part 3, or have passed Parts 1 and 2 interstate but wish to sit Part 3 in South Australia - the deadline to notify the Registrar of your intention to sit Part 3 and submit your updated Logbook is on or before the scheduled date of the NEP of the session you wish to sit Part 3.  Click on the following link to read the Pathways document   Part 3 APE-Interstate-candidates-and-resits.pdf.  

The 2023 Session 2 APE Briefing was held on 20 June 2023, the presentation for which can be accessed here.

You will find a preliminary introduction to the 2024 APE here. More comprehensive information sessions will be scheduled and made available in October/November this year.  

The Architects Accreditation Council of Australia (AACA) has more important information about the Architectural Practice Examination, including the timeframe to sit all parts of the Examination, and eligibility for re-sitting parts of the examination you have previously attempted.  A Reference Guide for candidates is also available, along with a sample Examination paper and answer sheet.  You can also obtain and download a copy of the Logbook from the AACA website. 

Frequently asked questions about the NEP and remote proctoring can be viewed here.

The APBSA conducted a survey of the candidates who sat the NEP in South Australia in 2020 - the first cohort to sit the NEP as an online examination.  You can access the results of the survey here