Register as an Architect/Business

Architects and architectural businesses in South Australia must be registered in accordance with the Architectural Practice Act 2009.  Registration entitles the person or business to provide architectural services in this State and to use the term 'Architect' and its derivatives.  To apply for Registration, complete the appropriate form (see the Forms page), and post it with accompanying documentation to the APBSA.  (Please note: Applications for Registration are not accepted through this website.)

Registered architects and architectural businesses must comply with the Architects' Code of Professional Conduct and the provisions of the Architectural Practice Act 2009.  This includes the requirement to maintain professional indemnity insurance. A person or business not registered is not able to describe themselves as an architect or architectural business, nor describe the services they provide as architectural services (sections 38 and 40 of the Architectural Practice Act 2009).


To become eligible for registration, a person must have completed an approved course (Master of Architecture degree from a recognised University), and have passed the national Architectural Practice Examination (APE).   A list of the approved courses leading to a qualification for registration can be obtained here  Approved Qualifications for Registration.    

If you do not have an approved qualification recognised for registration you can consider alternative pathways to registration as outlined on the Architects Accreditation Council of Australia (AACA) website.  

Recently, two new pathways were approved - Overseas Architect Assessment (OAA) is a pathway for overseas registered architects who have the appropriate skills and knowledge and are not eligible for registration under existing mutual recognition agreements.  Contact the AACA for information and application forms.  

Local Experienced Practitioner (LEP) provides an alternate pathway to registration for graduates of Australian accredited architecture programs.  Applicants must have seven (7) years of relevant professional experience after graduation with a minimum 3 years practising at Executive level (principal decision maker) and 12 months of relevant professional experience in Australia, within the last three (3) years.  Applicant must also be a resident in Australia.

Applicants must demonstrate application of the required Performance Criteria from the National Standard of Competency through a portfolio of complex projects. Assessment of applications are conducted via a desk-based eligibility verification, followed by a Panel interview by assessors. More information is available here.  To apply complete the LEP Application Form and Statutory Declaration and submit with the required documentation to APBSA.   

Recent experience

If you have been registered in the past, but have not been registered for 3 or more years in Australia, you should contact the Registrar to discuss your application for registration.

Architectural Businesses

To be eligible for registration as an architectural business, at least half of the directors of the business must be registered as architects in South Australia.   Architectural businesses may include Companies or Partnerships.  

Categories of registration are:

  • Practising.  All architects practising in South Australia must have professional indemnity insurance.
  • Non Practising.  This category includes retired architects, and architects who are not practising for a variety of other reasons (overseas; carers leave; unemployed, working outside the industry; working outside of SA).  Non Practising architects must apply for exemption from the requirement for professional indemnity insurance.  A concession in registration fees may apply to some non-practising architects.  
  • Architectural business (Company = <2 or > 2 directors: Partnership = < 2 directors).
  • Limited.  The Board may place conditions on a persons registration limiting their practice of architecture in SA (e.g. location; employment/supervision; time; other conditions), if the Board considers there is a public interest in registering a person who may not have the necessary qualifications and/or experience required for registration. 

Renew Registration

All architects and architectural businesses on the SA Register (including non-practising) must renew their registration before 30 June each year.  Failure to renew registration may result in removal from the Register.  (See the Renewal page for details on renewing your registration).  


The Architectural Practice Board of South Australia sets the fees for registration in accordance with the Architectural Practice Act.  (See Schedule of Fees and Charges). 

Registration and renewal fees are statutory fees.  These fees are therefore not subject to the Goods and Services Tax.  Tax invoices will be not provided for renewal or registration fees.  You should keep your receipt if required for taxation purposes. 


Once you have registered you are on the Register until the end of June (registration year is from 1 July-30 June).  Refunds are not available if a person leaves the State of South Australia before the end of the registration year, or for some other reason leaves practice (e.g. retirement, maternity leave, employment).    Refunds are only provided if for some reason an overpayment has been made by the person or architectural business  applying for registration or renewing their registration.  

Payments - should be made in Australian Dollars (AU,AUD).