Architects reporting to Board

Under the Architectural Practice Act, it is a professional obligation for architects to report some matters to the Board.  These include:

Claims of negligence made against the architect or architectural business.  Section 60 of the Act specifies this requirement, and the regulations outline the detail that must be reported.  The Board has issued a Guidance Note (Guidance Note 03) which overviews these requirements.  All architects must notify the Board when a claim alleging negligence has been lodged against them: that is, when documents have been filed in court to initiate the proceedings.   Contact the Registrar if you have any queries about this legislative requirement.

Maintaining the reputation of Architects.  Standard 9 of The Architects' Code of Conduct specifies that the Board must be notified of particular matters.  This includes

  • if the architect is convicted of a criminal offence
  • made the subject of a court order disqualifying them from acting as a company director
  • made the subject of a bankruptcy order
  • is a director of a company which is wound up (other than for amalgamation or restructuring purposes)
  • makes an accommodation with creditors (including a voluntary arrangement)
  • fails to pay a judgement debt.  

The Board must be notified within 28 days of any of the above. The Architects' Code of Conduct is available on the website and all architects should be familiar with its requirements.  The Code is endorsed under the Architectural Practice Act 2009.   Contact the Registrar if you have any queries about the Code of Conduct.