Board Members

Members of the Board are appointed under the Architectural Practice Act 2009.  Terms of appointment are for no longer than 3 years. Members may be reappointed for a further term/s, but a member of the Board may not hold office for consecutive terms that exceed 9 years in total.

Members are:

Presiding Member:  

  • Mariano De Duonni

Board Members:

  • Lisa Martin
  • Sarah Burge
  • Enzo Caroscio
  • Kymberley Lawrence
  • Kirsteen Mackay
  • Dario Salvatore

The APBSA Corporate Plan 2019-2021 can be viewed here.

3 members of the Board are elected by members of the architectural profession in South Australia.  These members are Sarah Burge, Enzo Caroscio and Dario Salvatore.

4 members are nominated by the Minister for Housing and Urban Design.  These members are Kymberley Lawrence, Kirsteen Mackay, Lisa Martin and Mariano DeDuonni.    Of the 4 members nominated by the Minister

  • one is a lawyer
  • one is a person with qualifications or experience in accounting, business or finance
  • one is a person with qualifications or experience in urban or regional planning or building surveying or construction; or has knowledge of or experience in the building and construction industry
  • one is a person not eligible for nomination under the above 3 categories

The Registrar and Executive Assistant support the Board.

Registrar:  Sue Millbank

Executive Assistant: Mim Pargeter