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To provide architectural services a person (architect) or a business (architectural business) must be registered in South Australia.

All practising architects/businesses must maintain professional indemnity insurance.  The Board may exempt an architect from the requirement for professional indemnity insurance.  In this case, the architect is 'non-practising', which means they may not be involved in the provision of any services, or undertake any employment, or perform any role, for fee or reward, in connection with architectural practice.  'Non-practising' architects may be retired, on extended leave, unemployed, or are practising overseas/interstate.  

Limited Registration (denoted by the prefix 'L' before their registration number) means a person is registered as an architect, but has conditions placed on their registration limiting their practice in South Australia.

You can search if a person or business is registered by entering a registration number, or given names and/or a surname into the Keyword boxes below.  A company or partnership search can be made by entering the name of the company or partnership into the Keyword box below.  Alternatively you can search by category of registration (as listed below). 

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3545 Company Cavuoto Adam Think Architects Pty Ltd

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