How to Renew Registration

Renewal of registration is due by 30 June each year.  Renewal of registration is now done on-line (see below).  All on the SA Register (individual architects - practising and non-practising - and architectural businesses) must renew your registration each year to remain on the Register.  An email notification will be sent at least 4 weeks before renewals are due - you must make ensure your contact details including your email address are always up to date.  Please Note:  A Reinstatement fee ($140) will apply to late renewals. 

To renew your registration

  1. click on 'Sign in' on the right hand side menu (or drop down menu)
  2. Enter your User name (registration number) and password (contact the Office if you have lost/forgotten your password)
  3. You will be taken to your registration profile page.  Click on Renew registration (in the Membership Info section). Check your  contact details are correct and make any changes if necessary.  
  4. You will then be asked a series of questions; and your Professional Indemnity Insurance details must be entered in the appropriate fields (provider; amount of cover; expiry date).** 
  5. Enter your total CPD points (Informal and Formal) in the appropriate box
  6. Payment options are credit card (via the secure payment gateway, after you have Saved the form), EFT or Cheque.  If you elect to pay by EFT or cheque your renewal will not be closed until the payment is received and processed.
  7.  The Declaration is then signed electronically.  This attests to the veracity of the information entered in the on-line renewal form. 
  8. Click Save at the bottom of the form.  An electronic receipt / invoice will be sent to you via email - please keep this for your records.  For payment by credit card you will then be taken to the secure payment gateway to complete your renewal. 

IMPORTANT NOTE:  The Renewal form on the architects' profile page must be completed, and the declaration signed.  Details must be updated each year, including the expiry of your Professional Indemnity Insurance; and each question must be responded to before the declaration is signed.  If you are renewing multiple registrations, registrations will not be valid unless the renewal form is completed and signed as true and correct - this must be done each year.

**  Non-practising architects will be asked to confirm the reason for exemption from PI Insurance, and complete tick boxes declaring no architectural services will be provided during the year.  

Some helpful tips

We suggest using internet Browsers Chrome, Firefox and Microsoft Edge to sign in to your registration profile page.  Other browsers do work but the recent versions of these browsers seem to be consistent.

Are you renewing registration/s for a number of individuals/businesses?  If so, make sure you uncheck the 'Remember me' box when renewing each registration.  The system recognises your IP address and will not let you sign in with another user name and password.  If you still have difficulty renewing multiple registrations, we suggest try using another computer if possible. (See the Important Note above).