Forms for Registration

To apply for registration in South Australia you will need to complete an application form, and send to the Office with the required documentation (as outlined on the Form), with the fee.  Fees can be paid via EFT, or cheque.   Forms can be lodged via post, or email.  In either case, please ensure that the application form is completed and signed, and the required documents are certified copies unless originals are provided.  Applicants should also note that their documents should include any additional information  or explanatory notes (e.g. letter providing details and/or explaining certain matters identified in their application) to support their application.  Please contact the Office if you have any queries.

Applying to register for the first time in SA?

You need to complete the relevant application form below, attach the required documents and fees, and lodge with the Office.

  • Form 01: Application to register as an individual     pdf
  • Form 03: Application to register an architectural business (company) pdf 
  • Form 04: Application to register an architectural business (partnership) pdf

Mutual Recognition and Automatic Mutual Recognition (AMR)

 If you are registered elsewhere in Australia or New Zealand you can apply under Mutual Recognition.

  • Form 02: Application to register under mutual recognition (person is registered elsewhere in Australia or NZ) pdf 

If you are registered in a participating AMR jurisdiction you can complete the AMR Notification Form. 

  • Form 02A: Notification of intention to practice as an architect in SA under AMR pdf

Have you been registered before in SA?  

If you were registered in this State but have been off the Register for 3 or more years, you must complete a new Application Form. pdf

If you have been on the Register within the last 3 years, but are not now on the Register, you can apply to reinstate to the Register. 

  • Form 14: Application to reinstate to the Register (Individual) pdf 
  • Form 14a: Application to reinstate to the Register (Business) pdf

Professional Indemnity Insurance

All architects practising in South Australia are required to hold current professional indemnity insurance.  You should include a copy of your current Certificate of Currency for Professional Indemnity Insurance with your application; or if you are employed and are covered by your employers Professional Indemnity Insurance, complete the details in the form below and include it with your application for registration.

If you are applying for non-practising registration, you can apply for an exemption from the requirement for professional indemnity insurance.  Please complete the details in the form below and include it with your application for registration.

Checklist for application

Your application form includes a checklist of the documents that must accompany your application for registration.   

2023 2024 APBSA fees

Changes to Registration Details

The majority of changes can be made to your particulars by logging onto your profile on our website.  However, if your personal (ie change of name) or business (ie change of directors/partners) particulars have changed, please complete the appropriate Change in Registration Details form below attaching proof of the change and submit it to the Board:

Form 08 - Change of Registration Details - Individual

Form 09 - Change of Registration Details - Company

Form 10 - Change of Registration Details - Partnership


Should you no longer wish to be registered in South Australia please notify the Board by email requesting removal of your name and details from the Register and return your Certificate of Registration.  If you are unable to locate your Certificate of Registration, please complete the Statutory Declaration and provide it to the Board as soon as possible.