What do we do


The Architectural Practice Board of SA regulates the practice of architects and architectural business in South Australia, for the purpose of maintaining high standards of competence and conduct.  The Board must perform its functions in administering the Architectural Practice Act 2009 in the public interest.  Under this Act, the Board's functions are

  • to oversee the practice of architecture by architects and architectural businesses
  • approve courses of education or training providing qualifications for registration
  • determine the requirements necessary for registration
  • prepare Codes of Conduct or professional standards for architects and architectural businesses
  • prepare or endorse guidelines on continuing architectural education for architects
  • promote education in architecture, assist students in architecture and further knowledge of architecture among the public
  • establish administrative processes for handling complaints against architects and architectural businesses
  • provide advice to the Minister as appropriate
  • carry out other functions assigned to the Board by the Act or by the Minister


To fulfil its functions, the Board maintains relationships with 

  • State government agencies
  • Architect associations
  • other architect registration boards
  • national organisations
  • international organisations

A graphic representation of the functions and relationships can be download here. ORG-CHART

An overview of the Board's work in 2020/21 can be accessed here  APBSA-2021-OVERVIEW.mp4

 An overview of the Board's work in 2020 can be accessed here


An overview of the Board's work in 2019 can be accessed here https://vimeo.com/376930150